1. Distressed look  - a printing effect that makes your image seem like it's been washed and worn, a great vintage look!
We can add distressing to your image for only an extra .25 cents a shirt!
your image before distressing   your image after distressing


some more examples of distressed prints:




2. Creative color design (remember the shirt color when creating your design, use it to your advantage to get an extra color in there without paying for it!)


this is a 2 color print, but seems like 3 color   the idea is to use the shirt color (in this case black) as part of your design. That way we only charge you for 2 color printing, when in fact your design looks like a 3 color print!
image rockitrags.com
some more examples of creative color design:

white and antique yellow ink (black shirt), rocko dorsey


lemon yellow and black ink (white shirt), soho violet





3.Metallic Shimmer Ink (great subtle sparkle, like a metallic coated car or vintage guitar! Shimmer inks have outstanding brightness relative to regular metallics, and unlike standard glitter inks they will not tarnish with age or washing.

Metallic shimmer inks are only an extra .50 cents a shirt!

for a color chart of inks, click here

red shimmer ink silver shimmer ink gold shimmer ink
  black shimmer ink  

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